Hi Mathew, Thanks for reading and responding. As alluded to in the short version of my 23-year-old self, I had a negative (actually rather traumatic) experience with a friend’s father that left a gaping wound. Yes, this man was “kind” in his demeanor, but he was also deceptive. My emotions stemmed from the past experience — you could call him a trigger. Our psyches are complex and our feelings are often mixed in scenarios like this (well, at least mine were). Another human may have responded differently in this scenario, but they don’t have my past. The full tale would take a book — and that’s what I’m working on.

I think ask humans, we are quick to judge others based on our own personal experiences. What I love about this platform is that we can get glimpses of life in another’s shoes. We may not always agree or understand someone else's reaction, and that’s okay. Your feelings on this matter are just as valid as mine. Peace. ~Sarah

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I write as a soul having a human experience. Former therapist, yoga instructor, and world traveler. www.sarahtheresalamb.com

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