I love this so much, Crystal. I can so relate. It’s funny how when we surrender completely and enjoy exactly where we are and who we are in the now, it acts like a magnet to attract the “right person”. Self-love is a mysterious thing. It is about surrender and acceptance as much as it as it is about not putting up with anything less than the best, because we know we’re worth it. Bullshit is easy to spot when we are completely at one with ourselves. I’m so happy for you and your journey. It’s been wonderful to connect with you as a writer and a reader and watch your “love of life” unfold. Super empowering, and inspirational world words I needed to be reflected back at me today. Thank you.❤️

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I write as a soul having a human experience. Former therapist, yoga instructor, and world traveler. www.sarahtheresalamb.com

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