You’re Doing Enough

Maybe you’re doing enough. Maybe every action you take is the right action for your soul.

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I’d spent over a decade “doing the work” — going within and peeling away layers of old, stuck, limiting and life-sucking beliefs.

As I journeyed into my dark depths, I shined a flashlight on the dark depths of my readers’ psyches.

The journey inward is sometimes requires support and connection.

Dreams can start out quiet whisks of mist floating over the surface of the water.

Do you ever have dreams that repeat? Are there symbols — objects, situations, people — that keep reappearing in your dreams year after year?

Our dreams, if they are part of our soul’s purpose, won’t soften into the quiet waters of our psyche.

Do you ever feel that a simple word or phrase uttered from the mouth of another human gives you a breath of courage?

“Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream.” ~Kerouac

Contentment with the unconscious takes courage. It takes soul saying, “I’m the alpha here. I run this show!”

Written by

I write as a soul having a human experience. Former therapist, yoga instructor, and world traveler.

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